Q: What’s your company background?
A: We are a real estate management firm that specializes in land sales, acquisition and development.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We have been around since 1999. We have purchased and sold in excess of 50,000 acres in the western United States.

Q: Do you offer financing?
A: Our company strives to be as creative as possible to allow all buyers the opportunity to buy land.

Q: Are these actual pictures of the property you are selling?
A: Almost every picture you see if of the actual property or a general picture of the subdivision itself.

Q: Do your properties have association dues?
A: Not one of our properties in our portfolio currently has association dues. The only yearly fee on our properties is the annual property tax.

Q: What type of documentation fees do you charge to purchase land?
A: Our documentation fees vary from $195-$495 depending on the property.

Q: Do you offer title insurance?
A: Yes, title insurance is offered on most properties at the buyers expense.

Q: Can I make a payment for my land over the internet?

A: Yes, we offer several solutions to paying a property payment or a down payment.

Q: What type of instrument is used to sell properties.

A: It generally depends on the transaction. For properties with an entire payoff we use Grant Bargain, Sale Deeds.

Q: Do you have maps of properties?
A: Yes, we have maps to every property we own. We can also give you physical directions and send you a Google map to help you locate the property.

Q: Why is the property so cheap?
A: We sell our properties at wholesale prices, so that we can focus on our properties being used for development.

Q: Do we get the mineral rights with the land?
A: Mineral rights of almost all properties in Northern Nevada were obtained by a public company by way of the railroads. These mineral rights at times can be purchased, but land owners generally have the ability to mine any surface or placer minerals. You can research further with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).