1031 Exchanges and Land Ownership

As most people know owning land is much more valuable than owning a piece of paper. And although they may be aware that land values increase and decrease, it’s a fact that they’ll never be more land. This aspect in and of itself is one of the greatest reasons why real estate is still regarded as a safe investment.

In an economic climate such as this, many property owners look for ways to get creative. There are plenty of websites available that can help a property owner take a different approach to moving their land. One of the most common approaches is called a 1031 Exchange. This tax code simply allows owners to exchange like kind property without having to realize a gain on the property.

1031 Exchange Land

There are several sites to help explain the 1031 Exchange tax code and how the system works, along with other sites that actually allow exchangers to see others looking to trade their real estate or asset. Most of these transactions consist of properties with loans in place, some being assumable and others not. But the great news is it’s an outside the box solution for many sellers that otherwise can’t find a buyer.

Below will be a list of sites to better help you understand a 1031 Exchange:



After researching a bit more about the 1031 Exchange here are some sites of exchangers looking to move their land through a 1031 Exchange:



Now keep in mind that many people have a hard time understanding the concept of being upside down in an asset. Therefore the chances of running into exchangers that over inflate asset values is extremely high. Always do your own due diligence before completing a transaction. And the best tip we have for those looking to exchange is know the value of your asset and understand your loan options. A 1031 Exchange is an excellent solution in this type of economy, so take the time learn more about it!