Reserve Land Acquires

Posted on Jun.10, 2013

With such a large portfolio of land we constantly look for alternative sources to market land and recently found the opportunity to acquire a company that has been in business for several years helping others market and sell their land.

Reserve Land Management, Inc. has officially acquired in the hopes that we can help others achieve their goal of listing and selling land.

1031 Exchanges and Land Ownership

Posted on Feb.14, 2012

As most people know owning land is much more valuable than owning a piece of paper. And although they may be aware that land values increase and decrease, it’s a fact that they’ll never be more land. This aspect in and of itself is one of the greatest reasons why real estate is still regarded as a safe investment.

In an economic climate such as this, many property owners look for ways to get creative.

It’s a New Year!

Posted on Jan.05, 2012

It’s January 5th and we can officially say here at Reserve Land that the landscape is changing (no pun intended). Generally we find December and January to be very slow months for business, but this year seems to be different. We are currently working on closing several contracts before the 15th of the month and it could very well be a sign that the land market is bottoming out.

Say Goodbye to 2011

Posted on Dec.23, 2011

Generally I get pretty excited about a New Year. It may not be 2005, but we’ve certainly bucked a trend over the last year. The land market overall has been pretty soft, but the truth is we’ve had more interest than ever before. I don’t consider tire kicking a sport, so I’m willing to bet that most of inquiries come from buyers that are generally interested in buying land.

One of the biggest problems in the current land market is financing.

Answering Your Questions

Posted on Dec.16, 2011

We’ve recently had a few inquiries from buyers that were confused about county rules. Did you know that almost every county in the nation actually has a building department with rules and regulations? America actually has a pretty good system in place nationwide, but that doesn’t mean every buyer and seller of land agrees with it.

One comment recently came in from a buyer that wanted to park his/her RV on a vacant property for an extended period of time.

It’s Finally Here

Posted on Dec.09, 2011

After several years we’ve finally decided to improve our website. We hope you like and we know you’ll appreciate the fact that it’s much more user friendly than our old site. One thing about the web is it’s always changing, so it’s important to keep up with the times.

We kept our design strategy intact, but we brought in some web 2.0 features that will allow you to navigate and find things much easier.

Cheap Land for Sale in Nevada

Posted on Dec.02, 2011

We frequently get inquiries for cheap land for sale in Nevada, so we thought we would answer some of your questions on our blog to help buyers and sellers. All buyers looking to purchase cheap land need to determine the reason they are looking for this land, i.e. investment, building or simply to be a land owner.

There is land all over the country for sale, but few places as cheap as Nevada.